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I'm Not Your Poor Thing

I'm Not Mean, I'm Right

~*Paige Michalchuk*~
credit to sarah_kaz

Hey!! paige here! What to say, what to say... oh i kno basically I'm what u call popular. I'm part of grade 11 at Degrassi and i hang w/ the crowd i've hung with for like ever. So like theres Ash (ashley), Jimmy, Hazel, Marco, Ellie, Spinner (my Hunnybee), and my brother Dylan. I love cheerleading (ur talkin to the head of the spirit squad rite here), shopping and fashion are a very high priority. I kno whats in and whats not and i will tell u when ur not ; ) I'm dating Spinner and were not only a great couple were great friends! I couldnt ask for anything more!!! Well thats about it for me check my journal a lot cuz i always have something to say!
and as usual... hun, if ya hafta ask u'll never kno


credit to sarah_kaz