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I'm Not Your Poor Thing

I'm Not Mean, I'm Right

1/5/05 04:09 pm - Tyler is so In!

Since i usually know what is in and what is out i have deemed that tyler hilton is so in!!! I mean look at him and listen to his song I'm sure you'll love it!!!

Tyler Hilton "When It Comes"

Love ya Hun!

10/25/04 01:31 am

ugg i hate being sick... i had to miss the car wash... i wish colds had never been invented...

10/19/04 04:29 pm

OMg i cant believe that scumbag showed his face at degrassi!!! if ur not up to date Rick is the scumbag and he even tried to talk to me! i mean he put one my best friends in a coma!! and how dare radditch let him in the school at all!!! At least my friends, emma, jay and alex agree with me. Wow i can believe im on the same side as emma, jay and alex. but then again our hate for Rick has gotten the better of us. I mean Emma came up with some great ideas to show him that hes not wanted here. but then when Jay was gonna kick the crap outta him emma stopped the fight! i was so suprised. i mean before she threw him out of the dot and she tripped him too! and i thought i had mood swings. Well I need to go vent to ash or hazel.. my girls are there for me when i need them! But one thing is that rick needs to stay away from me or he'll be sorry


10/15/04 04:51 pm

well i guess i havent updated in a good long while. ive been so busy with school , cheer squad and finding myself a job. When i told spinner i'd pay him back i was serious. but like ugg its so hard finding a job... and keeping it! But like atleast school has kept me distracted! Did i mention that Marco is school prez?! its soo awsome! but i still cant believe he chose alex as his vp... weird thing are goin on here. But like when marco told me he came out to his mom i seriously jumped him! I was so happy! and then i didnt hear then end of it when i called dylan! lol. those two are perfect for eachother. lol. Well i better get back to job hunting the faster i get the money for the car the faster he can get off my back. but hey i love my hunnybee!'
Love Ya hun!

10/5/04 05:55 pm

wow this week is goin by fast. its hard to believe everything ive gone thru this week. Well at least things will get back to normal... i hope. well anyway as usual i went shopping and got some food at the dot this week. as for hw... hehe ull leave that for another day! i cant wait till spirit squad starts up! but i must say we are indesperate need of new uniforms! Hazel! Manny! we need to brainstorm!! lol well anyway ill update in a few days.. in the meantime i need to go job hunting because if i keep having spontaneus trips to the mall i'll never get enuff money to pay spinner back!
Love Ya Hun!

10/2/04 07:50 am

well the first day of school was yesterday. and so was the trail against dean. i've been like hiding this anger inside for so long that i didnt even realize it. but like i was so pissed that he was found not guilty!!! it completly ruined my first day of school. i mean i had such a bad day! first spinner breaks up with me (what was up with that) then we get back together then i totally flip out as were making out! UGGG! this is all deans fault. This is my year and i so totally proved it by what i did to his car! ... i cant believe i actually did that. wow. lol. it felt good like he finally paid... although it doesnt make up for what he did to me. but hey its a start. but unfortunatly this little whim of mine did kinda put a damper on my school year. no more liscence, and community service... eww. and top it off i have to get a job to pay back my honeybee. its a little upsetting. but i do kinda deserve it. i just hope me and spinner stay to gether because hes the one good thing in my life. well i didnt really see many of my friends yesterday. of course i did hang out with spinner, jimmy, hazel marco and dylan at the party (my friends always have my back) but like i so didnt see ash at all and terris still not back. but like ive heard so many rumors. ok ash and craig... friends? im like omg its the apocalyse! and them jt and manny that was not really a shocker but they did look cute together. then whats up with ellie hanging out with alex. of course it kinda makes sense since shes dating sean and thats sorta his crowd (aka the future convicts of america... canada whatever) but like alex is not exactly cool i see her more as pond scum, dirt etc. and then all the grade 10s. Emma Liberty and Toby. They were all so quiet yesterday. im hearing grade 10 was breakup city this summer! ohh gossip points! well at least school has started and i finally have something to gossip about. and on another plus side my outfits were sooo awsome! well except for my party outfit that was total lack of judgement! see ya monday!

Love Ya!

9/30/04 09:11 pm - School 2morrow!!!

Well tomorrow is the first day of school and im seriously excited. Im always like this before the first day. I get to see everyone again after a long summer. and i mean a LONG summer. Ahh!!! its been so long since ive hung out with terri, hazel and ash at the dot! and serioulsy when was our last band practice? I kno terris been gone for awhile but like that doesnt mean we stop practicing! lol. anyway. things have definetly changed. i mean have u seen spinners hair? i tried to get him to cut it but he wouldnt let me set up an appointment. I swear that boy loves his hair more than he loves me! j/k! I'm like all bouncy that im gonna be in 11th grade!! but like the second i step foot in that building im gonna lose all interest. Like seriously. i get all excited and then i hate it! lol i have major mood swings when it comes to school. At least i have spirit squad to look foreward to. me hazel and manny shall continue a wonderful legacy that ~i~ started! I guess ill see u all tomorrow!!
Love Ya! (I'm older now.. i should change this)

9/29/04 10:50 am

ok the end of summer is coming fast!!! i finally caught up with hazel and marco. lol but this is the longest ive gone without talking to ash.... when were actually not fighting. Well lets see how have i been spending the last few days. Of course i went to the mall, i needed some new outfits for school. i cannot be seen wearing the same thing i did last year. Then i got my nails done and started to look thru the books im gonna b reading. yes i do study. well i havent talked to dylan a lot since he left for college. it kinda sux i miss my big bro. but i think ill live. as long as he and marco stay together i should hear enuff bout him!! i guess ill see everyone on friday (I hope!)
Love Ya!

9/26/04 03:56 pm

wow one weekend and everything can change. I havent talked to ash in a few days and then like wheres terri and hazel? are they even around anymore?! well school starts friday and i should be excited but i think i may be in court those days... im not sure if i still wanna go. But moving on.

its been quiet. i did some shopping, there were some awsome saled this weekend. then i went to a movie with spinner. but thats about it. So i guess thats it so ttyl!
Love Ya

9/24/04 07:53 am

OK i found this on the web and i was like oh cool its me and then i see that it says Lauren Collins then i was like whos this lauren girl? and why does she look like me?!

Lauren Collins is Gorgeous Love

Then i found this one that said my name and i was like thats the way it should be and then i read it says pretty love and i'm like how is Lauren Gorgeous and I'm Pretty Theyre both my pic and both should say 'Paige is Gorgeous so deal with it!!!

Paige Michalchuk is Pretty Love

OK thats my info for the day. at least its friday and i have the weekend to hang out with spinner and ash. lets hope ash is finally over the whole craig thing. Like i understood that he was total scum, like i've meet guyz like that... :cough: Dean:Cough: but like women are more powerful than guyz so like we donimate and everything so lets hope this school year is a lot more intereting! on the plus side she has been writing some awsome songs lately!!
love ya!
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